Writer: Why You Need To Become Your Own Cheerleader #SundayBlogShare #ASMSG

Such excellent advice – writing is a very solitary task, and especially when you’re starting out and it seems like no one’s paying any bit of interest in what you’re sharing it can be difficult to stay motivated. And that’s where you come in – because if you can’t motivate yourself then how can you expect anyone else to?


Being a writer isn’t easy. Not only do you have to create, write, edit, revise, shelve, rewrite, deliberate, proof read, format, publish and promote but you also have to learn to cheer yourself on at every stage. *Gasp*.

You have to become your own cheerleader and this is a tough one to accept.

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Hooking the Reader with a Killer Opening to Your Book

Excellent advice on writing an opening – I’ve gone through the same thing with introducing my characters – making sure that I introduce them in a dynamic, interesting, but still easy to follow way (I have a LARGE cast).

A Writer's Path

by Helena Fairfax

This is another topic that has made me take a good look at my own writing. My first thought is that it’s vital to have an opening that hooks the reader. Some people say a killer opening is even more important now, since online stores like Amazon have a facility to “Look inside” the book, or to download the first few pages as a sample.

They say readers have too much choice and a short attention span, and we have to be hooked immediately or you lose us. But I think back to the days when there was no Amazon and I could only obtain books from bookshops or libraries. I used to do exactly the same thing before choosing a book – check out the blurb, and then have a read of the opening to see if it grabbed me. If I wasn’t hooked, I put the book back.

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Useful Tips for Self-Editing a Manuscript

I’ve joined Camp NaNoWriMo for July with the express goal of completely editing and revising my novel ‘Wild and Free’ which I finished back in February and put away to give myself enough distance before I start editing.

I’m feeling ready now, and have a deadline to work to, so this article is a great starting point for things to look out for!

A Writer's Path


by Emily Nemchick

Whilst there is no substitute for hiring a professional editor, self-editing is an important skill for any writer to hone. For one thing, the more passes a manuscript gets, the fewer errors will remain in the final product. If you are using an editor, be sure to self-edit thoroughly first so they can focus on the things you have missed. If you are not using an editor, then self-editing is doubly essential. Here are a few tips to make sure you catch as many errors as possible.

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This is just a quick post to say hello and welcome to my blog! I’m really excited to share my writing and hopefully get to know other writers and read amazing pieces!

I will mainly be posting stories from my current short story project, “Excerpts From Unfinished Novels,” in which each short story is an ‘excerpt’ from a novel that has yet to be written. Each short story is complete in its own right and there will be a range of genres and story lengths. I’ll be posting those stories once a week, and in between will post some fun extras about the excerpts, any drabbles or other pieces of writing I pull together, and some ramblings about what I’m currently reading/listening to/fangirling over.