July Goals Progress Update

I realised I forgot to do this last week – apologies! So I’ll cover the last two weeks in this progress update. Long story short – some great bits of progress, and some definite failures…


  • I have read 53/117 chapter of the Count of Monte Cristo. Between keeping up with Camp NaNoWriMo and ‘One Short Month’ short story project, I’ve not had a huge amount of time to read this. I need to accept that I’m not going to finish it this month, so I’ll just try and get as much read as I can next week and aim to finish in July!
  • I fell off the wagon for a few days on the ‘One Short Month’ project, but I’m back on with it, and I’ve found my new favourite story – ‘Uncle Chaim And Aunt Rifke And The Angel’ by Peter S. Beagle – if you haven’t read it you should definitely check it out! Looking forward to the last few stories of the month!


  • Excerpts #23, 24, and 25 are finished, and I’m 212 words into #26, with the outline fully written. I will definitely get it finished this week and hopefully get started on #27 which would put me ahead of schedule.
  • I’m 41 hours in to my Camp NaNoWriMo project with only 9 hours left to reach my goal. I’ve finished my rewrite of chapter 1 and the epilogue, and now I’m on to the next part of my revision: writing full descriptions for my characters. I’ve cobbled together a list of questions to answer and have started filling them out for each of my characters. It will be a long process because I have a LOT of characters, but it will be worth it when I’m done so I can go back through the book and make sure that all of them are reacting the way they should, and that I’m tightening up my “show don’t tell.” When that’s done and I have one more recheck for grammar mistakes and typos, then I’m ready to read through the whole thing and check for plot holes, etc…

Okay that’s it for me, only one more week to go and it’s the end of July! How are all of you doing? I hope your writing is going well!